Newsletter | June 2020

18 juin 2020
Logo Newsletter of SEDI-ATI dated June 2020

Newsletter | June 2020

Life at SEDI-ATI

Meet our team during business meetings and attend our webinar

Photonics France launches the first Photonics Online Meetings on July 2nd, 2020. This event hosts business meetings and virtual conferences.

At this occasion, Jean-François Vinchant, our President and CEO, will present a session on « Reliable hermetic fiber optic feedthroughs for extreme environments ». He will deliver the basics to achieve the hermeticity in fiber optic sensing applications in very hostile environments (ultra-high vacuum chambers, downhole wells, at the heart of nuclear reactors…).

Register now to attend our free webinar at 10:30 am CEST time on July 2nd, 2020.

Also, schedule a 20 minutes business meeting with either Pascal Slobadzian, our Sales Director, or with Claire Guyonnet, our Export Sales Manager.

Schedule your business meeting with our team.

Case study

Optical fibers in oil and gas environments

The oil and gas industry is particularly demanding with regard to safety, productivity and durability of installations. The search for improved monitoring systems leads the way to innovative, resistant and performant solutions such as fiber-optic based systems.

To perform in oil and gas environments such as downhole, pipelines or gas tanks, optical fibers must withstand high pressure, corrosion, moisture, vibration, and high or low temperatures among other stringent requirements.

Optical fibers for oil and gas mainly serve as links to carry large amounts of data, and as sensors to monitor various attributes. Among the many applications of fiber-optic sensors in the oil and gas industry, we can name a few:

  • Real-time discrimination of what is inside wells (oil, gas, water…) to evaluate their profitability.
  • Real-time evaluation of oil or gas reserve levels.
  • Structural health monitoring in real-time of pipelines and gas tanks to detect and predict leakages.

Through an in-depth understanding of customer’s needs in the market and strong relationships with equipment manufacturers, SEDI-ATI is able to serve this demanding industry with specialized optical fiber components and assemblies.

We custom design and produce in house sapphire fiber sensors, high-temperature couplers, pressure hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs, ruggedized fiber-optic cables, and other fiber-optic assemblies for precise applications.

Product focus

Hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs

Passing optical fibers through customized, complex or extreme environments and between ambient and harsh conditions is a non-trivial exercise.

Not maintaining a tight and hermetic seal can result in critical system failures.

SEDI-ATI’s solution for this engineering hardship is a range of hermetic fiber-optic feedthroughs and patch cords, standard and custom-made.

Depending on the application, the design of a feedthrough can be significantly different:

  • inline or bulkhead style
  • bolt type, CF or KF mounting flanges
  • singlechannel or multi-fiber solutions
  • any fiber types: Singlemode, Polarization Maintaining, Graded Index or Step-Index fibers, low-OH or high-OH, silica/silica, silica/polymer, sapphire…
  • a broad choice of connector terminations: FC, ST, APC, SMA, FCXtreme®, NANOXtreme®, MTP®…
  • a variety of protections such as stainless-steel tubing
  • compliant with various extreme applications: high vacuum, high pressures, high temperatures, cryogenic temperatures, radiations…

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