Newsletter | Septembre 2020

18 septembre 2020
Logo Newsletter of SEDI-ATI dated September 2020

Newsletter | Septembre 2020

Life at SEDI-ATI

A talk at the French Photonics Days

SEDI-ATI is proud to sponsor the French Photonics Days 2020. At this occasion we gave a conference on “Optical fibers in harsh environments”.

Case study

Fiber-optic probes at the heart of the Jules Horowitz Reactor

SEDI-ATI is proud to contribute, alongside with the company TechnicAtome, to a world first: the introduction of nuclearized fiber-optic probes at multiple locations inside the Jules Horowitz Reactor for safety imperatives!

These innovative probes are exposed to extreme irradiation conditions such as very intense neutron fluxes and gamma rays up to 1 giga Gray, that prevent from using classical sensors.
The optical probes perform remote reflectivity measurements enabling in particular to secure the displacement of movable systems inside the reactor.

This project paves the way for next-generation cross-cutting applications throughout the nuclear sector.

Product focus

Nuclearized fiber-optic assemblies

SEDI-ATI has designed innovative fiber-optic assemblies that show outstanding properties while exposed to irradiation conditions that far exceed the nominal conditions in a nuclear reactor!

We partner with renowned fiber-optic manufacturers that have the capacity to design unique preforms in order to draw singlemode and multimode nuclearized optical fibers that withstand gamma doses superior to 1 GGy.

We can offer different types of sophisticated radiation-resistant solutions such as bundles, bifurcated bundles, fan-outs, cables with integrated hermetic feedthroughs, and even seal sapphire windows at one end of the assembly.

Key features

  • customer-specific designs
  • radiation resistance > 1 GGy
  • immunity to electromagnetic effects
  • soldered assembly (no polymer)
  • hermetic design

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