New product! Fiber-optic ribbon hermetic feedthroughs

27 janvier 2020
Fiber-optic ribbon hermetic feedthroughs with MTP connectors

New product! Fiber-optic ribbon hermetic feedthroughs

The fiber-optic ribbon hermetic feedthroughs from SEDI-ATI are designed for vacuum applications where a large number of fibers is required in a compact assembly.
The fiber-optic ribbon is hermetically sealed on a CF or KF flange, ensuring a high level of hermeticity better than 10-8 mbar.l/s.
They can be made with either singlemode [SM] fibers or multimode [MM] graded-index [GI] fibers 50/125 µm.
They can accept up to 2 ribbons with a high channel count up to 12, i.e. 24 fibers upstream and downstream. The ribbons are terminated with either 12-fiber or 24-fiber MTP® connectors. The connectors can be either flat polished or angle polished at 8°, and have either pins (male) or not (female), according to customer’s choice.
Finally, the ribbons can be offered either as the bare ribbons or with a stainless steel tubing protection.

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