Newsletter | November 2020

30 November 2020
Logo Newsletter of SEDI-ATI dated November 2020

Newsletter | November 2020

Life at SEDI-ATI

Schedule a virtual business meeting with our team during POM#2!

After a successful first edition on July 2, Photonics France launches the second edition of the Photonics Online Meetings on December 3, 2020.

In the program: 12 webinars and a hundred possibilities of business meetings with the European photonics ecosystem.

To schedule a 20 minutes meeting with us is very simple, just register to the link below and send us a request from the Catalogue.

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Case study

A strong commitment to the military and aerospace sector

SEDI-ATI has developed a wide range of optical fiber components and solutions able to withstand extreme environments met in a variety of air, sea, land, and space applications.

From the design to the supply of fiber-optic links, fiber sensors, and other incredible fiber-based components and assemblies to the military and aerospace industry, SEDI-ATI has developed a strong expertise in complex and extreme environments.

We keep contributing to successful projects and programs just as what we have done for the space atomic clock PHARAO, or for the firing test of the P120C future booster of Ariane 6, or for ground and submarine tethered vehicles involved in defense and security operations.

Product focus

Seismic qualification of the FCXtreme® connector

The FCXtreme® is an FC type connector designed for military and space-flight very demanding applications where optical equipment has to survive extreme operating conditions.

The FCXtreme® has already been qualified for operation under shocks and vibration conditions as well as under dynamic variations of the temperature from -55 °C to +125 °C.

On November 12th, it has successfully passed the test requirements for seismic qualification.

The seismic qualification tests were conducted as per the test procedure given in IEC 60980:1989 standard, to demonstrate that the device can perform its safety-related functions during and after a ground motion level 1 (S1) earthquake and a ground motion level 2 (S2) earthquake*.

The seismic operability of the FCXtreme® connector has been established by shake table testing to reproduce the effects of the postulated earthquake motion as closely as possible. The device, crimped on a fiber-optic probe, was fixed to the vibration table to simulate the in-service conditions during five S1 and one S2 earthquakes. The round device has been tested at a frequency range from 1 Hz to 100 Hz in two directions.

No resonance phenomena occurred. No loss of output signal superior to 100 µs was measured. And, the round-trip balance of each probe before and after the tests was identical at ± 0.5 dB.

The functional and structural integrity of the FCXtreme® connector during and at the end of the test has thus been proven!

Future stringent tests will be led for nuclear and geophysics applications up to +200 °C.

*S1 earthquake is the maximum ground motion which reasonably can be expected to be experienced at the site area once during the operating life of the nuclear plant. S2 earthquake is the ground motion which is considered to be the maximum earthquake potential at the site area.

Key features

  • FC J.I.S. compatible
  • PC or APC polish
  • versatile: compatible with PM, SM or MM fibers up to 1000 μm core diameter
  • compact: 31 mm x ⌀ 10 mm
  • zero outgassing materials
  • qualifications: seismic, shocks, vibrations, dynamic variations of the temperature from -55 °C to +125 °C

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