Disposable fiber-optic spools for tethered vehicles

The RBOB fiber optic spools are ideal to remotely control either ground, or aerial, or underwater tethered vehicles that have to operate in conditions where it is dangerous or impossible to have an onboard human presence, and where radio frequency signals cannot or must not be used.

Because they are intended to be directly mounted onto the vehicle, SEDI-ATI has designed very compact and lightweight packages.

We offer different packages in size and spool capacity depending on our customers’ requirements. We have standard packages and we can also custom design packages in size and material to suit your specific requirements. Simply describe your project through this form.

Our standard packages can deploy up to 2,000 m of 250 µm coated singlemode optical fiber in a 94 mm long by 80 mm diameter box. The weight of such a spool is less than 340 g, which is ideal to carry it on a small-sized vehicle such as an aerial drone for instance.

The deployable side of the spool is connected to the control station while the stationary fiber is connected to the vehicle. Hence, it is the vehicle that unwounds the spool, allowing a fast deployment without suffering from any traction nor any other mechanical force applied on the optical fiber during the deployment of the cable.

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