Fiber optic singlemode and multimode couplers and splitters

Fiber optic singlemode and multimode couplers and splitters

SEDI-ATI manufactures fiber-optic multimode couplers for optical metrology and sensing applications.

Indeed, the optical signal is input through the injection port of the 1×2 coupler (port 1: light source) onto a measured surface. The light is backscattered by the object to be analyzed. The backscattered light either stays unchanged or can be shifted in wavelength. The reflected light is then gathered back through the common fiber (port 3) followed by redirection towards the second port (port 2) of the coupler to the detector.

Such couplers are widely used in UV to NIR optical metrology and sensing applications.

Besides, the unique manufacturing technology of these fiber-optic multimode couplers is based on wavefront division. As a result, this technology intrinsically ensures our couplers are highly achromatic and mode insensitive.

Also, such couplers are available in various configurations for deployment in environments requiring achromaticity, modal insensitivity, rigorous reliability, or high-temperature handling.

Furthermore, they can be manufactured with any graded-index or step-index optical fibers with core diameters ranging from 50 µm to 1000 μm.

In addition, we also offer fused singlemode and polarization-maintaining couplers from our partnership with the renowned manufacturer Gould Fiber Optics. Contact us to know more about the singlemode couplers offering.

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