Vaginal rejuvenation with fiber optic probes

Image for SEDI-ATI vaginal rejuvenation application

Vaginal rejuvenation with fiber optic probes

SEDI-ATI offers disposable fiber optic probes with a homogeneous radial emission, ideal for vaginal rejuvenation applications.

The challenge

Use the properties of light to achieve the rejuvenation of the vaginal mucosa.

Major constraints

  • minimally invasive treatment that requires the insertion of the probe inside the vagina
  • target the vaginal mucosa without causing an ablative thermal injury

Rejuvenate the vaginal mucosa with a laser

Some women suffer from vaginal atrophy, genital laxity or mild-to-moderate urinary incontinence, which greatly disrupts their quality of life.

Laser treatment at 1470 nm is a minimally invasive, innovative and revolutionary solution in the treatment of loss of tone in the vaginal mucosa.

Vaginal rejuvenation: visible effects without surgery

Vaginal rejuvenation is to be differentiated from vaginoplasty, which is a surgical operation to strengthen the anatomy of the vagina and perineum.

Vaginal rejuvenation consists of the use of a 1470 nm laser that will treat the inside of the vagina by stimulating the production of collagen and regenerating the epithelium and connective tissue.

This method is based on the insertion of a probe that emits a ring of laser light to treat the inside of the vaginal area. The heat of the laser energy, distributed homogeneously and radially, will then act on the renewal of the intimate cells, without causing ablative thermal damage.

A handpiece integrating our radial emission probe

The handpiece associated with the laser integrates the SEDI-ATI radial emission fiber optic probe. The circular emission is focused by the handpiece allowing a painless treatment for the patients and offering the doctor the absolute certainty of the correct energy dosage of the laser source on all the internal walls of the vagina.

SEDI-ATI solution

  • We manufacture sterilized disposable (for single use) invasive fiber-optic probes that show a homogeneous radial emission, ideal for vaginal rejuvenation applications. Our customers are laserists or manufacturers of gynecological medical devices that integrate our fiber optic probe in a special handpiece.

Advantages of the SEDI-ATI solution

  • homogeneous and extremely precise laser radial emission
  • localized radial treatment that does not affect what is around
  • integration of the laserist’s own handpiece, which can include an RFID chip
  • different fiber sizes available